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Gigaset N720 IP PRO Base Station – Multicell System

Please note: The Gigaset N720 IP PRO Base Station and Gigaset N720 DM PRO DECT manager are two elements which make up the Gigaset N720 DECT IP Multicell System. Please purchase both parts for the full IP Multicell System.

The Gigaset N720 IP PRO Base Station is part pf the Gigaset Multicell System which consists of two elements: the N720 IP PRO, a base station, and the N720 DM PRO, the DECT manager.

Up to 20 base stations and 100 handsets can be connected to the DECT manager, enabling wireless mobility with seamless handover and roaming in on-site communication. This allows employees of small to medium businesses to benefit from cordless communication throughout the entire office. Power over Ethernet ensures no need for additional plug points. The N720 DECT IP Multicell System supports the latest generation of Gigaset DECT handsets, meaning users benefit from mobility in communication with exceptional HD sound.Features

  • Seamless handover and roaming
  • Up to 100 users / SIP accounts / handsets
  • Exceptional HD sound with HDSP™1,2
  • Up to 20 base stations
  • Up to 30 parallel calls
  • 8 simultaneous calls per base (4 in G.722 HDSP™ mode)
  • Local network directory and public online directories (white and yellow pages)1
  • Email reader
  • Professional zero-touch auto-provisioning setup
  • Power over Ethernet

Scalable and future-proof
The N720 DECT IP Multicell System is expandable by up to 100 handsets and 20 base stations, allowing up to 30 parallel calls and 8 simultaneous calls per base station. A broad range of compatible Gigaset handsets is available for different business requirements. And the N720 DECT IP Multicell System guarantees interoperability with future generations of Gigaset handsets.

Easy setup, configuration and connectivity
The N720 DECT IP Multicell System is perfect to use with the Gigaset T500 PRO and T300 PRO IP PBX systems, which off Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), zero-touch auto-provisioning and best interoperability. The intuitive web-based interface, XML-based configuration files, provider profiles and support of standard protocols make configuration extremely quick and easy. The DECT Multicell System is also compatible with other IP PBX systems and can be linked to IP Centrex providers. The N720 SPK PRO (Site Planning Kit) is recommended for the planning of large deployments.

DECT Manager

Business productivity
With direct access to corporate and public online directories, managing contacts is easy – even while on the move. User can access online information and receive text messages via the email reader.

Professional HD sound 
Exceptional HDSP™1,2 sound on the N720 DECT IP PRO adds business efficiency: superb and clear wideband audio technology makes calls sound like face-to-face meetings.

Broad range of Gigaset handsets
Select from a broad range of compatible Gigaset handsets tailored to your business needs – from elegant to ruggedized. High-quality and thorough testing ensure endurance for everyday use. Users benefit from the visually attractive user interfaces of the new generation of Gigaset handsets, brilliant sound and innovative features.


Gigaset R630H PRO

  • Dust and waterproof according to IP65 standards with the added benefit of shock resistance
  • Support of the multicell systems with roaming and handover
  • Choice of Audio profiles and vibration alert
  • Rubber surface to ensure the perfect grip

Shocks, dust and water resistant

This phone is the obvious choice for workplaces such as industrial environments and workshops. This robust phone is protected against dust and water splashes, and is also shock resistant – but this “rough diamond” is still extremely easy to use thanks to its illuminated colour display. The phone’s comfortable design makes it that bit nicer to make calls and, if you want to do two things at once, simply use the handsfree option. This phone is extremely reliable, with a talk-time of 12 hours and a standby time of 250 hours. It is easy to connect this phone to all other base stations.

gigaset r680 ip65

Take your call anywhere in or around your office

The R630H PRO supports all Gigaset pro base stations to ensure complete coverage of any building or surroundings, independent of size. You’ll experience no interruptions while calling, no lost connections and no poor sound quality. The R630H has it covered. In addition, it also provides you with direct access to the Gigaset pro PBX manager. So it’s easy to search cloud phonebooks and browse voicemails, even when you’re on the go.
gigaset r680

Rubber keys for the perfect grip

The ribbed battery cover ensures a solid grip so it won’t slip out of your hands. Thick rubber keys also offer gentle clicking for easy and accurate use, even when you’re wearing gloves. The keyboard is clear, illuminated and robust, while being completely washable. With smooth phone curves, the R630H PRO also offers the perfect grip between your head and shoulder, with the rubber surface keeping the phone close to your ear.
gigaset r680 rubbber

Audio profiles and vibration
in meeting mode

Different business situations require different audio levels and alert options. The R630H PRO has an advanced audio feature set, with a profile key that allows for easy switching between the relevant ringtones for loud or normal environments. It also has a vibracall function for meeting situations, excessively loud environments and other business circumstances when a vibration alert is preferable.
gigaset r680 volume

LED Flashlight and Signal Flashlight

The flashlight functions offered by the R630H PRO have you covered. When in meeting mode, the handset vibrates on receiving an incoming call and the LED light flashes. The phone display also keeps you updated by showing the caller ID, while the keys illuminate.
gigaset r680 light

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